Thank you! from Nikki McClure

From: Nikki McClure <nikki@…>
Date: jue., 10 ene. 2019 a las 13:15
Subject: Thank you!
To: Ana Morales <zaramullo@….com>, Ana María Palos de Foronda <anamariapalos@….com>, <xiomara@….org>

Dear Ana and Xiomara and Ana Maria!!!
Thank you for the warm welcome. Komchen still feels like home. I was ready to jump into the pool and then play ping pong. The remodels are stunning and architecturally beautiful in simplicity and functionality. My son kept saying “Let’s stay here. “ This bird trip is a serious expedition. Up at 5:30 and driving and birding until 5:30 at night. No time for pools or lingering at the table. So it was extra nice for all to spend some time at the table in your home. The food was the best I’ve had in all of Yucatan. ( and always has been) All the guests really loved the visit and feast. I hope that everyone there comes back to visit someday. 
I was sad to leave!! But then we saw flamingos!! And Ibis and black skimmers and terns and cranes and… each bird a bonus to a memorable day. 
Thank you for hosting us. 


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